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Radon in Water Often Goes Untested

Radon in CT Testing Water Radon in Water Often Goes Untested: One element that often goes untested is in CT Water is Radon. While many buyers are test radon in the air they usually are unaware of testing for radon in the water. Many Real Estate agents fail to recommend that their buyers test for radon in the water as well.

This is something you specifically need to ask to screen for as it generally is not provided in a standard test. There are a couple things that should be noted about radon in the water. There is no national EPA mandated passing level for radon in the water. It varies from state to state.
In Connecticut the passing level is considered to be under 5,000 pCi/L. We have had radon in water tests in the state come back as high as 125,000 pCI/L. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure if you well water contains a high level of radon is to test for it.

The cost of remedying radon in water is much more costly than when it is found in the air. Generally speaking radon that is found in the air inside a home can be cured for around $800-$1500.

Radon in water is a different story. Depending on the type of systems used, the cost generally can run between a couple thousand up to seven or eight thousand. The two types of radon treatment systems are aeration and granulated activated carbon (GAC). GAC systems are used to reduce radon levels that are between 5,000 and 25,000 pCi/L. This system uses special charcoal filters to remove radon from the water.You need to change the filter in this system according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The aeration system is the more expensive of the two. Both are considered to be effective but the aeration system is preferred in homes where the pCi/L is higher than 25,000. Aeration systems are used to reduce radon levels that are above 10,000 pCi/L. This type of system bubbles air through the water so that the radon is released into the air and vented away from your home.


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