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pH in Your CT Drinking Water

What is pH?

Low pH in Connecticut Water testIn CT and world wide, pH is an indicator of the acid or alkaline condition of water. The pH scale ranges from 0-14; 7 indicates the theoretical neutral point. Water with a pH value less than 7 indicates acidity and tends to be corrosive, while water with a value greater than 7 indicates alkalinity and tends to affect the taste of the water.

Acidity or low pH of drinking water is usually a result of natural geological conditions at the site, possibly compounded by acid rain. Testing for the pH of your CT well water is crucial for:

  • Evaluating the potential for your household plumbing to be subject to corrosion.
  • Evaluating the potential for your drinking water to contain leached metals such as copper, lead, iron, cadmium, and zinc from your well pump and plumbing systems.
  • Determining the effects of proper home treatment on other drinking water contaminants. Depending on the pH level (how acidic or alkaline), pre-treatment may be needed to adjust the pH of your water to a more neutral range.

Otherwise, home treatment systems may not work as designed. Home treatment methods to adjust pH include Neutralizing Filters and neutralizing solutions (soda ash).

Potential Health Effects

The pH of drinking water is not a health concern, however, acidic water (low pH) can leach metals such as lead and copper from plumbing systems, which can cause major health problems.

Indications of Low pH

Symptoms of low pH are bluish green stains on fixtures with copper plumbing; reddish stains with galvanized iron plumbing; and water system corrosion problems and plumbing leaks.

Testing Water for pH in CT Wells

To determine the pH in your CT well water, arrange to have it tested by a specialist that provides certified results. They follow certain protocols carefully to avoid contamination and to obtain a good sample. Home test kits may not provide accurate results. Determining pH is often essential in evaluating the presence and effective treatment of other drinking water contaminants.


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