CT Water Tests & Termite Inspection

Importance of Testing CT Well Water Annually

water testing annuallyThe EPA recommends CT well owners test their water at least annually for total coliform, nitrates, total dissolved solids and pH and any other suspected contaminants.

The EPA also recommends testing water after any service to your well or if you notice any change in your water quality.   Keeping this in mind, be aware that as a CT private well owner it is unlikely that you have a third party regularly checking your water quality as do Public Water Supplies. Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain your well and test your water regularly.

How do you know when to test your water and what you should be testing for? Various factors can affect ground water quality in CT including the geology of your area, land use and well construction. While the contaminants listed above can serve as indicators of water quality, there are many other contaminants that may be impacting your water quality that can only be determined by testing your water for them.  Consult a water testing professional and keep your family safe.


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